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Additional Services


Trish Coombes

Registered Psychotherapist M.N.Z, A.P, N.Z., R.N. Trish works to encourage self awareness and trust so clients are able to achieve a healthy balance between their thinking and feeling. She is a registered nurse and has a Diploma in Adult Psychotherapy and has been involved in Psychotherapy for 20 years.


Vida Watson
Acupuncturist at Ensors clinic

Vida is a registered acupuncturist (NZDA, MNZRA) and ACC treatment provider. She also holds a diploma in TUINA (Chinese massage/acupressure). She has found in 25 years of practice that the combination of both acupuncture and Tuina massage are especially beneficial for balancing body energies and relaxing tight muscles.



Bryan Qi
Acupuncturist Wairakei clinic

NZ Registered Acupuncturist, ACC treatment provider. Bryan Qi is a well trained Chinese doctor who understands both Traditional Chinese and Western modern medicine. He has been in practice for 27 years. Bryan is registered as an ACC treatment provider. He has experience in treating a wide range of injuries and painful conditions, e.g., neck/shoulder/back pain, headaches and migraines, sciatica and many others.


Deirdre Holmes
Homeopath at Ensors and Wairakei clinics

Dip C Hom

Deirdre Holmes graduated in 1994 from the New Zealand College of homeopathy. She is very experienced in treating acute and chronic complaints with adults and children. She lectures, teaches and writes extensively.


Erin Lumis
Counsellor at Ensors clinic

Counsellor/Therapist BA; CC; MNZAC – ACC registered

Rogerian, Jungian, Mindfulness training from a Buddhist perspective.

I have 25 years experience working with families and now with adults – male & female – on a range of presenting issues. I work with people to support their ability to reduce and improve their management of symptoms, such as anxiety and depression.

I work with warmth and have a considerable skill base. Work includes ACC funded sexual abuse counseling.