The goal of osteopathic treatment is to assist the body as this natural process occurs.


Seek regular osteopathic checkups

During pregnancy regular osteopathic checkups or treatment during pregnancy can be most beneficial. There is a general belief that women in pregnancy must endure back pain as it is just part of the pregnancy, but often osteopathic treatment can relieve pains considerably giving the mother a chance to enjoy this very special time in her life.

Many postural and mechanical changes occur within the body during pregnancy as it has to adapt to an ever increasing front load. Common complaints are lower back and sciatic pains while other expectant mothers experience headaches and neck, shoulders or mid back pain.

During the later stages of pregnancy, laxity of the ligaments increases. When changing positions from lying, to sitting, to standing a minor locking is normal. If the locking is very painful and persists for some time osteopathic treatment is advisable, especially as it is in the mother’s interest to be as flexible as possible in the lower back and pelvis to ensure a good passage of the baby at birth.

By using gentle osteopathic techniques to release the muscles and realign the spine and pelvis, mobility and flexibility is restored to the joints and muscles of the spine, pelvis and limbs. The osteopath tries to reintroduce relaxation and harmonious functioning in the tissues throughout the body and especially to the area which is causing the immediate discomfort.

Very gentle osteopathic techniques are used which are especially suitable during pregnancy as the pregnant woman’s body and emotional make up progressively increases in sensitivity, making it ready to respond to very gentle, minor stretching and re-aligning.

After giving birth a check up for the mother is recommended, as the unavoidable bruising and excessive strains on the body during labour often leaves the woman with a weak, stiff or achy pelvis & back or with neck pain & headaches. Treatment soon after birth helps the woman’s body recover more quickly, especially if there has been a Caesarean or long, difficult labour. At this stage the ligaments are still lax and readily respond to treatment.

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