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General Osteopathy

The most common things people for some osteopathy with are low back pain, headaches, any stiffness or sprain, injuries of ankle, shoulder, foot, leg, elbow, arm, sporting injuries, car accidents and head injuries, digestive problems, breathing dysfunctions and sleeping difficulties.

• those feeling the results of an overenthusiastic sport, gardening, D.I.Y. maintenance etc

• those that are sore after an awkward lift at work, or at home e.g. lifting a child etc

• those that have had a trauma, accident, whiplash, fracture, strain etc

• those with gradual onset of pain, stiffness and reduced range of movement which just slowly crept up on them and which they had become used to until they suddenly realize that it’s very difficult to get into a car, put shoes on, or garden for an hour without feeling aches and pains.

• for those that are pregnant or the new mum

* feeding, sleeping, moving issues with babies and infants

• those wishing to improve the quality and enjoyment of their day to day activities with ease and pain-free movement.

Osteopaths work in a holistic way; on the whole body, aiming to get the whole body integrated and working as one unit of function. They work by resolving muscle spasms, easing joint restrictions and quietening irritated nerves.